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I’ve been going through a lot these past few months and I think I was in complete denial about my mental state of health. It is exam time and I have written 4 so far… but… I messed up! I don’t think I am going to pass any of them, including my coding exam.

So what happened?

  • I didn’t study
  • I didn’t read
  • I didn’t practice

I work full-time and I blog part-time and I study part-time. And of course, I have family obligations too. Essentially I didn’t manage my time well and before you knew it I was out of time and out of options and writing an exam that I couldn’t even pass, to begin with.

I’ve got to finish this degree by the end of 2020. That meas at least 5 modules per semester, with enough time to read and practice and do other stuff. So this means I got to sit down and figure out exactly how I am going to achieve this.

I’m going to have schedule my life! This is possibly the worst thing for me. I prefer to be spontaneous and live in the moment. But that procrastinatey attitude is what got me caught out! I’m disappointed in myself! Clearly, I know what I want but I am not putting in the work.

How to bounce back

  1. Forgive yourself for your stupidity!
  2. Clearly define your goals for the next semester and following year
  3. Break it down into bite-size achievable nuggets of goodness
  4. Commit to doing this, make a schedule and stick to it
  5. Reward yourself with fun!! (maybe go watch a movie)

Any suggestions from those who have already walked this path? Drop some knowledge in the comments please.

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