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A few years ago I set out on a journey to get a degree. This decision meant I would be entering the world of coding via C++ and Python, supported by some SQL and a ton of business modules to complete the package. I’m in year 3 but coding has been kicking my butt. Meaning that I am dragging all my coding modules from year one because I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the language.

As an aside I must mention that I suffer from depression and anxiety and that has made this journey extra difficult. But… I don’t give up. Far too stubborn.

So I decided to launch this website to document my journey going forward. There will be posts about how I learn, how I practice and I might even share some code. If I come across any interesting resources I’ll link those in my posts. And if you notice something iffy about my code or have any suggestions, please do leave a comment.

Full disclaimer: I’m not an expert! And I don’t even know which version of the programming language I’m learning. I’ll make mistakes regularly and I’ll probably not have the most eloquent code but I’m trying! Hopefully, along the way, I’ll get some things right too and get better. One day I want to be able to sit in front of a computer, pull code out of the air and realize it effortlessly. One day…

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  1. Good luck to you! I took one coding class on high school and it was awful. My husband, however, knows several coding languages and is very proficient and productive. I am just made for that. Persist and persevere! You will do well.

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