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A girl called Ari by P.J Sky

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

The dragon’s thoughts…

This book reminds me of Alita: Battle Angel or BioShock or even the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. Yea, I’m a bit of a geek and I’m really geeking out about this. Clearly the story evokes strong images in my mind, the likes of great cinema or immersive gaming. And you know what… This should be adapted into a movie. It’s soooo GOOD!

When you are out of options you do what you need to do. That often means being a person you could never have imagined. And its usually situations where you are thrown so far out of your comfort zone that you don’t even recognise the orbit you’re in. That’s our main character, Starla. Raised in comfort, daughter of an important person, bored, rich, and yet trapped and judged by her peers for being born into such a family. Well, someone noticed and someone decided to do something about it.

And then we have Ari… You don’t quite know how you got here, but you’re here. It’s a shit situation in an even shittier environment (s’cuse the language). You adapt or die. There are no cush luxuries. Everyday is a grind. Everyday is monotonous hard labour for dismal pay. Everyday is a fight and at some point, you for sure are gonna run out of luck. But some of us have that unfaltering spirit, unwavering determination and unflinching grit to get things done. Ain’t nobody got time for anything else in this world.

And yet… here we are using each other to get off the beaten path towards a new future… hopefully… I mean don’t you sometimes take risks against all sensibilities… But truth is you use any opportunity available to get you out of your bindings. The right choices for the wrong reasons… The wrong choices for the right reasons… Isn’t that called life as we know it…?

Of course, as per usual, I’m not gonna give you an ounce of the plot. You MUST MUST MUST read the book. Oh, and watch out for crocodiles! And also a reminder… some people walk into your life ~ all unassuming ~ and they end up changing you and everything else around you. And sometimes that’s for the best.


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