A beautiful day

A beautiful day

Oddly, I was inspired by a writing prompt on Twitter but of course totally didn’t bookmark the tweet and have forgotten who tweeted it. I wish I had taken note so I could give them some credit…

It started while I was scrolling through FaceBook. I happened upon a competition and decided to enter just for the heck of it. I didn’t expect to win the 12 bottles of bubbly. Certainly did not expect to be a runner up and receive a bubbly tasting. But I accepted the prize with gratitude. These things do not happen every day. I mean there is roughly 56,72 million people in South Africa. What are the odds?

Champage display between frosty glasses
Some champers

So we visited Anthony Rupert Wines, here’s the link. We had our tasting experience in the Anthonij Rupert Tasting Room. Very beautiful landscape views of which I didn’t get any photographs. Too busy living in the moment.

Of course we stayed for lunch at the Terra Del Capo. The establishment has a rustic feel to it with an eccentric decor style. Just the way I enjoy my outtings! It had an Italian tapas style menu of which I selected a cheese platter starter, Polenta & Goats Cheese Chips with Olive Tapenade, and excellent coffee.

Cheese platter with strawberries and figs and rocket leaves
Cheese, figs and some strawberries

No, I did not forget dessert. It was a perfect moment of intense bliss. Tiramisu with a twist! Absolutely amazing!!

Deconstructed tiramisu in a glass

Good things happen for no reason and I am grateful for every such moment that comes my way. Now the mandatory GIF ending to this post.

joey tribbiani friends GIF
joey tribbiani friends GIF

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