Animal photo series

Animal photo series

Over the years I have taken quite a few photos of animals. Today I want to share some of the more memorable ones with you. Fair warning I like the more creepy animals and they do feature in this post.

Picture of a big lizard that has a back injury
1~ A lil bent but not broken

1 ~ We visited an animal sanctuary and came across this fella. He was rescued from bad humans, he has a broken back but has healed up. has a chilled life now munching on all the fruits he can find.

Lizard eating fruit from a plate in a woody pen
2 ~ Om nom nom

And thes are a few of his other lizard buddies. The day was quite chilly and they seemed a bit camera shy.

3 ~ One of the best photographs I’ve taken with my phone. This majestic animal I believe is an kudu or eland. I forget. And of course did not label the photographs properly.

Deer looking at the camera
3 ~ Timing & luck

Here we have a spring buck, kudus, zebras, some tiny deer and another eland

4 ~ These are ostriches. Stating the obvious, but they are really big birds and super fast.

Three ostriches in a pen
4 ~ Big bird trio

Some feathered friends.

Sometimes I totally forget to check the settings on my camera. I have taken great photographs only to find them out of focus! I annoy myself. But I suppose this is the only way to learn.

Hairy tarantula on display
5 ~Hairy Harry

5 ~ I know people think spiders are creepy but I find them rather beautiful.

Some other creepy creatures from the same habitat.

6 ~ And I leave you with this shot. The only butterfly that sat still long enough for me to capture its essence.

Fire butterfly on a branch
6 ~ Come, come, my lady

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  1. These are lovely pictures. I have never been to a wild life sanctuary, not sure if we have those here, but I love going to zoos and taking pictures of the animals there.

    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I haven’t actually been to a zoo. I should go check that out and see the difference.

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