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Bullets, Teeth & Fists 3 penned by Jason Beech


Short stories are the most opportune form to create magic in a concise and precise fashion. A good short story lingers and the characters engrave themselves upon your psyche leaving you asking: “What happens next!?” or “No way, you can’t just end it like that!”

She’s heavily pregnant. She’s handcuffed to a pipe. The clock is ticking.

Belle, the heavily pregnant wife of an important man, is bundled into the back of a car and cuffed to a pipe in an abandoned apartment … and her waters are about to break. Belle is desperate for her baby girl to survive and live a better life than she ever had. All she has to do is get one of her kidnappers onside. All her husband has to do is pay the ransom.

Will he?

Into the Dark ~ Bullets, Teeth & Fists 3

Bullets, Teeth, & Fists 3 contains 20 exciting, violent, and sometimes heartbreaking short stories of noir and pulp fiction. What I find really fascinating is that each short story is crafted with a specific voice. The mood, the character, the setting, the vernacular… different in each. I’m rather in awe of the author’s capability to bring these characters to life with such aplomb.

Jason Beech has a way with words.

Author bio

Jason Beech is a Sheffield native, New Jersey resident — and writes crime fiction. His coming-of-age crime drama, City of Forts, was described as “tense, atmospheric, and haunting” by UK crime writer Paul D. Brazill.
Jason’s flash and short stories can be found at Spelk Fiction, Shotgun Honey, Close to the Bone, The Flash Fiction Offensive, and Pulp Metal Magazine.
His novel, Never Go Back, was released in November 2019, and Book 3 of his Bullets, Teeth, & Fists series will be out January 22nd, 2020.

You can usually find Jason on:

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


    • Taryn The Dragon
      Taryn The Dragon

      Nope. They are completely independent. So amazing though. You feel like you’ve gotten so much more story in just those few words. Really good read. I am definitely gonna visit the other two books!!

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