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Celebrity dream casting

I’m sooooo excited. I found someone that casts their book characters. I do the same. It’s just one of the many reasons that I really enjoyed reviewing the book. You can read the review here.

Now let’s get down to business! Revealing the main characters …


Traumatized by a childhood vision, actress Taeryn Vega just wants to be normal. But when she lands her first movie role with gorgeous leading man Tristan Kando and famous director Kat Russo, the three have an intense psychic connection. She soon discovers that her new friends are not who they appear to be. And maybe, neither is she.

Kelly Berglund, circa The Lab Rats, reminds me of a young, naive Taeryn who discovers how powerful she really is.

S.G. Minae


This gorgeous actor is a well-known ladies’ man. He’s empathic, but his favorite emotion is lust. His bizarre
connection with Taeryn is unsettling. Can Taeryn’s love help him settle down?

Model Hideo Muraoka is exactly how I picture Tristan: gorgeous, hunky, and flirty. I added the green eyes.

S.G. Minae


She’s a brilliant director, stunning, athletic … and broken, thanks to years of childhood trauma. She loves Tristan like a brother. Now they are interested in the same
woman, but how can she compete?

This picture of actress/director Jodi Foster shows the perfect blend of strength and vulnerability. If this book were ever really made into a movie, I’d love for her to direct it!

S.G. Minae


She’s the film’s costume
designer/ make-up artist. She can see auras, and she notices
something strange. Erika becomes Taeryn’s best friend and confidante. She has her own beautiful love story in this

Kate Hudson wearing the fun peasant top reminds me of sweet, bubbly Erika, who dresses like a flower child.

S.G. Minae


He’s a hunky studio paramedic,
who’s been turned into Taeryn’s protector and best friend. And lover?

Idris Elba represents my vision of Richard: tall, dark, muscles-on-muscles, and sexy, but with a down-to-earth air.

S.G Minae

Stay tuned for Dragon Spotlight interview with S.G. Minae!

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