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Powerful book launch by author Ray

Your Ultimate Guide To A Powerful Book Launch by Ray

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Despite know absolutely nothing about the publication process and everything that goes with it… I am an author who recently self-published. PROBLEM with that is no one really knows about my book! Why publish if you don’t want someone to read your work?

I wish that I had come across this very helpful guide before I had made up my mind. It is filled with practical and easy to implement tips for an effective book launch. Actually, I’m rather impressed at the level of detail presented in the contents. Its definitely not one of those books that were just thrown together for the sake of clicks.

The book also links to various tools and informative articles that can help you on this journey. I’m quite astonished that I have never come across these tools as I spend a fair amount of time on the internet. Just shows you that someone knowledgeable really does have an advantage over the competition. Gosh, the eBook even details distribution information. Someone spent hours reading the fine print to fully understand how these stores operate. Talk about dedication and discipline and attention to detail.

I realise there are a lot of things that I didn’t ever think to consider. Fortunately, the eBook also has a handy checklist & notes section for you to co-ordinate your efforts wisely. In fact, I’ve bookmarked all the tools and articles for my next book launch! This time I’ll do it the right way.

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