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Our world is in trouble ~ author Hale St Isle shares

My intention was to start interviews with interesting people in 2020. But you know…

-Strike while the iron is hot
-There’s no time like the present
-He who hesitates is lost
-The early bird catches the worm
-You snooze, you lose

Introducing Hale St. Isle, an author who recently published a book about climate anxiety. Congrats on the publication, that is an achievement!

Tell readers about yourself

I’ve been a writer since age fifteen. When I was young, I often stayed up late into the night to write poetry, or read a book of poetry, or a book on some subject related to the writer’s life. I would do silly things like put the pages of a poem on a river and watch them sail away. Stand out in the rain with a great big umbrella and look at the purple cloudy skies all night. Sit by trees underneath the night sky, stars everywhere, the moon a little sliver. I was trying to have experiences. For future use.

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I’ve always wanted to be an artist or a writer of some sort. The lifestyle appealed to me: working on soulful creations, spending time with artists who also worked on soulful creations. After spending several years writing autobiographies and poetry, I got interested in writing about climate change due to a long period of reading I was doing last year.

One day last year, I started research on random subjects, just sort of looking around for something to read about, and I discovered this group of environmental activists through a google search. They are named the ELF – the Earth Liberation Front – the elves – and I started reading everything about them I could, fascinated by the fact that they were so extreme. They were an eco-activist group known for setting fires to businesses with practices harmful to the environment. This led me to all sorts of news articles and essays on environmentalism. I began to research climate change more in depth, but the impetus was the reading I did on the ELF. Reading about the ELF quickly led me to concern about the planet, animals, and life on earth. From there, it was only natural to look up climate change.

When I did so, it was about the same time the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC) published a report on the climate situation, which captured the public eye and the news for a month or so in early 2019. It was a dreadful report full of an ominous warning: We had until 2030 to cut emissions, and 2050 to live in a net zero carbon emissions world. If we were to survive as a civilization, we needed to do this.

Tell readers about what you do

I started reading everything about the report in the news. It sort of solidified my interest in writing about climate change, for there was no other issue that mattered to me as much as that – nothing else had much meaning if the entire planet was dying. So I chose it as my subject – something I’ll continue to write about, in short essays, in full-length books, etc. – and I wrote my first little book on the subject.

The book I wrote is a little 50-page pamphlet, The Climate Anxiety Manifesto, a quick read, a little about me (I started as an autobiographer and I’ll probably always include a little about me in my books) and a little about climate anxiety. Climate anxiety is that feeling of doom and gloom you get when you’re very concerned about the future of life on earth due to the destructive potential of climate change. I have a lot of climate anxiety. I plan to write a lot about the subject of climate change, and I have a good lifetime left to work on it. I hope for peace and love and contentment to all creatures on the earth, and I hope we all learn to get along and work together before it’s too late.

You can buy the book HERE


    • Taryn The Dragon
      Taryn The Dragon

      You are right. Ignoring the problem wont solve anything. And if we keep on denying and putting off action we’re going to run out of time. That is if its not already too late.

  • Avatar
    Unwanted Life

    Striking whilst the iron is hot is always the best thing to do, at least in my experience. My motivation doesn’t last long, meaning my ideas often don’t lead to actions because of it.

    Climate change is an important topic, although I have to admit, when I read the word ‘manifesto’ my thoughts shifted to it being the writing of someone justifying a killing spree. I guess I’ve watched too many serial killer TV shows ha ha ha

    Anyway, I anxious about our climate, we could have helped avoid the direction were going in decades ago, but we didn’t, and I don’t see us changing any time soon. The power to save our world rests in the hands of a small few, and they’ll put the capitalist consumer system before everything else

    • Taryn The Dragon
      Taryn The Dragon

      I hear you. On some level it feels like we are just too late. But that attitude wont help spur on positive change. We have to do what we can.

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