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Getting to know the daring S.G. Minae

Tell readers about yourself

I’m author S.G. Minae. I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life, but I imported my husband from Japan lol. We’ve been married for almost 34 years and have three wonderful children. Two are grown and long ago flew the nest, and we have a teenager at home. When my oldest turned 30, I said, ”The math DOESN’T work, since I’m only 29. I guess time travel does work!” Maybe that’s why I love science fiction and fantasy, because the world can be whatever you want it to be.

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Tell readers about what you do

When I’m not writing, I’m a dance mom and freelance accountant. Seven years ago, about the time I finished the first draft of my novel, we bought a coffee house. I pictured myself sitting in the corner in a padded armchair, working on my laptop while the baristas did all the work. The reality is that I’ve never worked harder in my life’ Seven days a week, opening the shop at 5:30 am, taking care of my daughter, and often coming back for evening events like Open Mic, book signings, art shows, and so much more. It was the best experience of my life, but after five years we decided the sacrifice was too great. The good news is that my new position gave me time to finish my book, and I’m proud to say that “Taeryn: The Awakening” is now available on Amazon Kindle, KU, and Paperback’

Tell readers about your website

I haven’t set up the blog on my website yet, but I do blog a little on Goodreads. My favourite way to connect with people is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Pick one of your creations. Why this one?

My newly released SciFi-Romance novel “Taeryn: The Awakening” is close to my heart and I’m happy – and nervous – to share it with the world. There’s a funny story about how I came to write it I had read Twilight and loved it but wanted more spice. 50 shades was sexy but there was no supernatural intrigue. This book is my compromise. After experimenting with everything from erotica to PG-13, I ended up somewhere in the middle: very steamy, but with a deep, emotional story.

Think of it this way: Twilight with aliens and more sex.

If you could have a conversation with your younger self, what would you say?

Don’t be afraid of responsibility, grab it by the horns. Set goals and follow through, even if the goalposts move. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why?

This is a tough question because there’s no time in my life where
everything was completely wonderful or totally awful. I’d love my teenage
body, of course, but I cherish the patience, knowledge, and experience I have now.

What’s The Worst Haircut You Ever Had?

When I was six, I loved my best friend’s haircut. I had long, straight black
hair, and hers was shoulder-length with fun layers. ‘What do you call it?’ I asked. “It’s called a bob,” she replied. Well, what she actually had was a shag. I freaked out when I saw how short my hair was! Eventually, I got
used to it and seeing pictures of myself with that haircut, I was pretty cute! But I let it grow out again and didn’t let anyone touch my hair with scissors for years!

Off the top of your head, who would you give a shout out to on Twitter?

I’ve met some amazing people on Twitter! A few people who have helped keep me sane over the last few months include Taryn @arcanedragOn (yes, I’m looking at you Taryn,} Nicole @TheNicoleNeuman, Thomas @thomasmkane11, and Elizabeth @LizLReed.

What’s Rocking Your World This Month?

This month is huge: My debut novel was released on February 1, 2020. The entire process is sometimes overwhelming but also exhilarating. I’m in love with the story and characters, and I am already working on the second book of the trilogy, as well as a fun, sexy spin-off series that I hope to debut later this year.

What would you like to tell Dragons Codex readers?

If you enjoy steamy romance novels, with or without SciFi, please check out my book “Taeryn: The Awakening”.

Some other fun tidbits about the book are:
• It’s soft SciFi, not technical
• The alien Is gorgeous
• They’re empathic and telepathic, in the extreme
• It takes place on a movie set…
• In the mysterious caves of Carlsbad Caverns
• The alien words are Japanese! For example, the cruel alien who’s
chasing them is Akuma, meaning “Devil”, and the invading
hawk/samurai-like race is called Moukin, meaning “Crazy Bird”. Their
planet, Sangetsu, means ‘Three Moons”.

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    CD Pulley

    I follow you on Twitter. It is so nice to learn more about you. Congratulations on the debut of you book. I would love to read it. It sounds so interesting.

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