Taeryn: The Awakening by SG Minae

A delicious delightful book with SciFi and Romance!

Taeryn: The Awakening: An Epic SciFi-Romance by S.G. Minae

I’m rather biased towards this book… because I am a Taryn and the name in any variation is a rather powerful one. I’ve only seen two or three Taryn’s in the spotlight. One is Taryn Manning and the other Olga Brady from the TV series Sinbad. It makes me very happy to find another out there in the world. Yay!

This particular Taeryn is in for an awakening! And it’s all got to do with those sexy aliens. SEXY ALIENS? Yes, sexy aliens, I say! And I’ll even say it again: sexy sexy aliens! Why the emphasis? Well… author SG Minae has crafted something unique and yummy. It’s not every day you have sci-fi and romance combined in such a well-balanced story. It’s a good read.

You’re taken on this rollercoaster of a story through the eyes of the characters and their guises. Eyes are kind of important, the colour, the shape, the emotion reflected therein, the intense energy brought to life via the mirror of the soul.

SG Minae’s creation is sexy, entertaining, thoughtful and quite delicious. I like it, you’ll like it. I finished the book in 3 days which is usually a sign that I really wanted to find out what happens next. And now I have to wait for the sequel! Sigh…

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